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T.C. Trading Company

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A little bit about T.C. Trading Company…

We opened our doors in 1996 and have grown from a start-up company into a leader in the warehousing, storage, import/export, transportation, product distribution, and third-party logistics (3PL) industry.

We’ve been providing logistical management support and supply chain services to cruise ship suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers for over 20 years!

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Our History…

In 1989, John Hayes, Sr., opened Hayes Import Inspection Service in Blaine, Washington, a USDA Import Inspection Service Station for the government. In 1996, John’s son, Tom Hayes, purchased Hayes Inspection Service from his father. Finding his own niche in the market, he diversified his services and began offering a full range of supply chain services to domestic and international customers. He renamed his business, T.C. Trading Company, establishing himself as a successful business leader in the supply chain industry for over 20 years.


“My goal is not to be the biggest company out there; my goal is to provide the best service to customers and a wonderful place to work.”
Tom Hayes, President T.C. Trading Company