Employer Profile

Cascade Dafo

What makes us unique

Cascade Dafo is the industry’s leading manufacturer of pediatric lower-extremity braces. Our patient-focused company creates innovative orthoses unmatched in quality, fit, and function. At Cascade Dafo, product design, technical support, education, and research and development have a sole focus: helping kids lead healthier, happier lives.

Team member working in production. Three team members standing side by side. Customer Support team member.

Number of employees
250-300 employees
Date established
Minimum age at hire
Drug-free workplace
Shift flexibility
Day and mid shifts
Full time

Join the Cascade Dafo team and make a difference for kids! We’re a manufacturing company located in Ferndale, and the nation’s leading producer of pediatric ankle-foot braces for children with mobility challenges.

We operate a day shift and a mid shift, with a variety of full-time, year-round positions in our production department. We may also have positions in the Order Entry and Customer Support departments.

You’ll learn valuable skills, gain work experience, and have the opportunity to train in various positions throughout the company. We love to see growth in our employees!

We offer a generous benefit package that includes medical, dental and vision insurance, long- and short-term disability with life insurance, 401(k) with match, paid time off, and quarterly profit-sharing checks.

What makes working here so rewarding is knowing that the job I enjoy doing also has a huge positive impact on children’s lives and wellbeing. I love that this is not the standard 9-5; it’s engaging, sometimes challenging, and always rewarding.
Brianna, Customer Support team member