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Alcoa Intalco Works

What makes us unique

Within Intalco, there is a need for a wide variety of skills and people. Operating a large heavy industrial plant requires positions from entry level production and metallurgists to environmental engineers, auto mechanics, and many more (see list below). Most of the roles at Intalco are filled by entry-level employees who are trained for the specific jobs that they perform, like potroom operators who tend the pots where the aluminum is made and reline employees who build and rebuild the pots the aluminum is smelted in.

Once you become employed by Intalco, there is an opportunity for movement to different departments as needed by the business or as planned as part of career development. An apprenticeship program for millwrights and brick masons was restarted in 2018.

Some of the professions needed at a smelter are:

  • Engineers: capital, metallurgic, mechanical, power, process, lean manufacturing, electrical, ITAS, and reliability
  • Finance: accounting, financial analyst, business management
  • Human resources: payroll specialist, and public relations
  • Maintenance planners and supervisors; production supervisors
  • General administrative professionals
  • Health and safety specialists and industrial hygiene
  • Environmental engineers, specialists, and lab techs
  • Electricians and M&I technician
  • Millwright, machinist, heavy equipment mechanic
  • Sheet metal fabricator
  • Brick mason
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Shift flexibility
Drug free workplace

Alcoa Intalco Works is a primary metals facility that produces aluminum, also called an aluminum smelter. We turn raw materials into molten aluminum metal that is then cast into large pieces of aluminum. Our products are shipped to customers mainly located on the west coast who then re-melt the aluminum and shape into other products like ladders, wheels, and parts of automobiles.

Aluminum is one of the most sustainable and recyclable materials on the planet. Our product is used by people around the world, and since the invention of the aluminum smelting process in 1886, 75% of all aluminum ever created is still in use today. Aluminum is used in the light-weighting of vehicles which increases their fuel efficiency and decreases overall greenhouse gas emissions.

At Alcoa Intalco Works, we care for our community. We support education and community enhancement through the Alcoa Foundation and local giving totaling over $200,000 per year. We also encourage employee volunteering through ACTION (Alcoans Coming Together In Our Neighborhoods) grants which combine Alcoa volunteer hours and grant funding for local non-profit organizations.